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“Canada has 415,600 kms of paved roadways – 37,000 kms of Solar Highways could supply the electrical needs for the entire country (640TW including future EV demand).”

Windsor-Quebec City corridor

900 kms along the Trans-Canada Highway

Roadway Benefits

Extended highway life

Reduced sun and water damage can extend the highway lifetime 20 years.

Reduced road repairs

By diminishing the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle.

Reduced snow ploughing
Reduced use of salt

Reduced salt purchases. 
Reduced seepage into groundwater and contamination of drinking water. Reduced salt contamination of adjacent farmland.

Reduced road and bridge repairs due to salt damage

Reduced salt migration and contamination.

Public Benefits

Reduced vehicle salt damage

PLUS: Increased safety and reduced number of accidents due to better visibility, weather and road conditions in solar highway areas.

“Utilizing Trans-Canada highway for solar energy production saves 8.000 acres of potential farmland.”

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